01 January 2018

A Letter to 2018

I made this a few days before I fly to Japan and by the time it’s posted, it should be by the time I leave Japan or I’m in my flight back to Singapore, which means it’s the first of January, the first day of the year. So welcome January. And 2018, I have a letter for you...

14 December 2017

Review: Illustration School: Let's Draw Plants and Small Creatures

This is another lovely book by Sachiko Umoto. Her darling ways to create a series of adorable drawings never fail to captivate me as always. In this book, she shows simple directions on how to draw cute flowers, plants, fruits, and other small creatures.

08 December 2017


Another Japanese-themed illustration that I did out of excitement.

01 December 2017

Tokyo Map

Hello December! And here's some quick update: I'm going to Japan this month! Finally!

14 November 2017

Japanese Cuisine

Today I want to share the story behind this illustration. This was originally a random painting I did in my sketchbook and I decided to turn it into digital illustration.

08 November 2017

Painting by the Sea

One morning, my husband and I went for a quick beach trip at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. My schedule was loose that week but yet I still felt a bit overwhelmed with tons of non work-related stuff I need to deal with. A trip to the beach was a great escape from that hustle.

16 October 2017

Review: How to Draw Almost Everything

If there is only one word to describe this book, it would be RESOURCEFUL. How to Draw Almost Everything by Chika Miyata literally covers how to draw almost everything, from people, animals, flowers, trees, vehicles, foods, and many more.

11 October 2017

Animals Portrait

This is a self-initiated project where I illustrated a varied range of animals in the wild. I tried to portray the animals as true as possible to their original form and habitat while at the same time giving them character and personality.

07 October 2017

Lullaby Baby Shop

In this project, I made a series of illustrated elements as a brand identity for a local baby shop called Lullaby. The brief is to create illustrations that's appealing to young children using vibrant color palette like pink, yellow and blue.

03 October 2017

First Day at Work Greeting Card

This week I made a special illustration for my husband. He's starting a new job earlier this month and so I thought it will be nice to give him something to congratulate him. I started by randomly scribbling on my Wacom tablet and voila!