02 June 2015

Golden Hour Ride Experience in Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is probably one of the best Singapore city attractions I've ever tried. The ride experience by day and night is different. By day, you'll see Singapore skyline in its real picture and you can have fun spotting all the Singapore landmarks. By night, the cityscape is dramatically lit which leads the experience to be more romantic and relaxing. Both of them are pretty and it's hard to just choose one.

Of course you could always go on two rides if you want to enjoy both day and night experience. However, you must pay double for those two tickets. Or, you can plan a single ride and time it perfectly so you can enjoy both day and night experience on that same ride, just like what I did the last time I rode this giant Ferris wheel.

I arrived at the Singapore Flyer's final boarding queue by 6:45 pm, enjoy the Journey of Dreams (exhibit display) tour for around 10 minutes, and got in the capsule by 6:55 pm. Singapore Flyer takes about 30 minutes to complete one rotation. From my experience, the exact sunset (when the sun was completely unseen) here was at 7:24 pm.

Just remember that if you want to try this golden hour experience, there is a little compromise that you have to make: on the way up, you will look toward the east side and on the way down, you will look toward the west side. If you're a tourist or the first timer, this is really not a big deal because both of them are still amazingly breathtaking.

My tips is that you give yourself around 10-20 minutes between your arrival at the Singapore Flyer's entrance and the actual boarding time to enjoy the Journey of Dreams tour (exhibit display) before the flight. If you prefer a better self-photo result, maybe choose to board a little earlier because you'll have a nice lighting from the sun.

Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

Daily Flights: 8:30am - 10:30pm
Last Admission: 10:15pm

Book ticket online at www.singaporeflyer.com


  1. Nice article.
    Anyway i have a question. I am a traveller want to go to Singapore next month, i want to ride this at dusk/night, maybe around 7:20pm, how do you think I book a flight? Do I need to provide an exact time 7pm (10-20 mins exploring Journey of Dreams tour) ?

    1. You don't need to provide your boarding time, just book on the day and you can choose to ride it anytime during 8:30am to 10:30pm on that day. I hope you'll enjoy your trip ^^

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