16 July 2015

DIY Animal Jewelry/Necklaces Holder

I personally don't like the idea of putting all my necklaces together in a jewelry box. Not only because I will mostly spend 5-10 minutes untangling necklaces, but also because I think it's sad to relegate such beautiful form of art to a dark and tiny space where no one could appreciate its beauty when I'm not wearing it. So I came up with this pretty solution and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Materials: Picture frame (remove the glass), plastic animal toy figurines, gold paint, brush paint, x-acto knife, small nails, sandpaper.

Tools: Hammer, pencil, scissor.

Optional: White paint, white paper, rope.

Good thing is, I already have almost all of the materials and tools I used on this project and only spent a total of IDR 30,000 (way less than US $3) for buying a pack of small plastic animal toy figurines and a can of gold paint.

I had always wanted to do this DIY ever since I found a similar project (using half-cut plastic animal toy figurines) on Pinterest. With this chic and adorable animal holder, I can finally organize and display my (cheap) necklaces collection in a pretty way. Yay because now I have a spot where I can just hang all my necklaces and it doubles as wall art too!

See the full tutorial on this video:

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