26 July 2015

DIY Birthday Cupcake Pop-Up Card

Let's start by calling this month the most birthday month of the year because many people I know have their birthday this month (and hey, including me, my birthday was a week ago!). Also, some of my pen pals are having their upcoming birthday too, so lately I've been busy preparing many mail-able birthday surprises for them. As for the greeting cards, I decided to do a simple DIY project and make them something handmade in order to make it unique and give it more personal touch.

Cupcakes are always a good idea for birthday. It's very cute and lovely! In real life, I don't actually eat sweets like cupcake that much, but I absolutely adore its design. And cards? Who doesn't like cards? I love receiving greeting cards for special days like Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Birthday, everything! For me, a handmade card is always a thoughtful gesture, but a handmade pop-up card is beyond impressive!

Do you like to make your own cards?
You should! Because this adorable birthday cupcake pop-up card is surprisingly very simple to make.

Materials: colored papers, scissor, cutter, ruler, pencil, and hole punch.

I'm using the total of 7 colored papers.

Anyway, if you don't like to use cupcake (seriously, why?), basically you can always make it into any design you want!

See the full tutorial on this video:

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