06 July 2015

DIY Mosaic Letter from Old CD and Cereal Boxes

These days, almost all files have gone digital. I still remember those old days when my shelves were full of cds or dvds of musics, movies, school assignments, and back-ups of important files.

I don't know about you but as a clumsy person I was before (I still am, actually), I'm pretty sure I had wasted many discs by not burning files for my school projects and other back-ups properly. I never wanted to toss them out in the trash in the first place, hoping that they would be useful someday. But after a while, they sure started to take up a lot of space so I decided to transform those failed burnt discs that lying around my house into something more valuable.

If you don't like the idea of using old cds of your favorite bands or movies (even if you'll most likely never even touch it again) because you think it may become an antique collection, using failed burnt discs may be a smart answer for you.

Materials and tools: Many old cds or dvds (I prefer to use dvd), cereal boxes, print out of your preferred letter, scissor, pencil, ruler, clear tape, hot glue gun, hot boiled water, and paper tape (optional).

I spent zero money on this project because both materials and tools are so easy to find and I believe most people likely have them around their house already. But I must say that this is not a quick DIY project because gluing tiny pieces of cds actually took time. However, the result is worth the effort! It looks glam, chic, and modern, not to mention unique and artsy.

See the full tutorial on this video:

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