13 July 2015

DIY No Sew Dog/Pet Bow Tie (3 Easy Ways)

Dog with bow tie? Omg, I can't even...!

This DIY is quick and very easy to make. It's so perfect as a last minute touch up before you bring your fluffy friend to a party or an evening dinner at a friend's house. I actually made these bow ties for photograph purpose and it makes Suri and Lammy look even more adorable in photos.

It only takes me for about 5 minutes to make each pretty bow tie and basically all you need is just a piece of cute fabric, velcro, and hot glue gun, and you're all set. If you're not so good at sewing like me, then this DIY is definitely for you.

I made these bow ties in three different ways and styles: adorable, fancy, and cute! But really, you can name it anything you want! The result will be all the same anyway: beautify your pooch and make everybody asks "can I pet your dog?"

Materials: Fabric/felt, ribbon, velcro.

Tools: Hot glue gun, measuring tape, lighter, scissor.

See the full tutorial on this video:

Featuring my two little cuties, Suri and Lammy.
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