01 July 2015

Introducing My Youtube Channel

Like a week ago, I'm starting doing something new. I created a new Youtube channel to share my inner passion, i.e. DIY.

How do I know if I love DIY?

For me, simply because it makes me happy and I never feel obligated to finish a craft when I start doing a DIY project. I do what I like because I like doing that. As silly as it sounds, but it is! I'm happy with making a DIY project and that's it. And I want to share it with the world through video, an easy to follow medium, which is why I choose Youtube.

I'm not new in doing DIY, I've been creating "stuffs" since like I was a little kid. And believe it or not my crafts always turned out satisfying, well, maybe not all but most of them. So yes, I'm passionate enough to make a Youtube video about it. What's new for me is making a video and talking to a camera. It's really daunting for me. I'm kind of camera-shy, it's really weird and awkward when I first filmed my self, but I tried my best not too. I think it shows through the video, but I don't know, you probably can tell it yourself.

So yeah, expect to see DIY contents here in my blog too. I will really appreciate any support!

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Let's be positive :)

Visit my Youtube channel here.

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