16 October 2015

DIY No Sew Halloween Dog Witch Costume (Tutu Skirt, Witch Hat, Witch Broom)

Halloween is near! And I decided to dress up my dog as wicked little girl this year.

In this tutorial, I will show how I made a simple Halloween witch costume for my dog, including 3 easy-to-make items: orange fluffy tutu skirt, witch hat with cute braided hair, and cute witch broom. Super easy and almost no sewing needed!

See the full tutorial on this video:

Featuring my dearest baby Suri.
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01 October 2015

Zine: What would It be if I had an Identical Twin Sister?

Say hello to my first zine ever!

Recently I just signed up to Skillshare, an online learning community that offers over 100 classes and covering 12 categories from design, photography, fashion, music, culinary, business and many more. I joined 3 months premium membership as a new customer for only $0.99 that allows me to enroll so many useful classes. I'm very interested in their design category, especially illustration (of course!), because there are so many lessons from creator that I like and I did learn a lot of new things by watching their videos. One of the classes that caught my eyes was a class about making a zine. I always love the idea of zine: it's fun and free in terms of the way you make it, and it can come in any shape, size, topic, and format.

I decided to take part of this class by making my own zine called "What would It be if I had an Identical Twin Sister?"

The storyline is very simple, because I was still trying to figure out everything and I didn't want to be too stressful as it was my first time making zine. It's about my childhood imagination, back when I always imagined what would my life be like if I had an identical twin living with me. As a child, sometimes I also liked to spend hours just to talk to myself in front of the mirror and observe my reflection while thinking "So this is how my twin will look like" instead of checking myself out. In this zine, I listed few of them, things that would happen if I really had a twin.