21 December 2015

A Simple Love Story

Book Title: A Simple Love Story
Year: 2015
Client: United States

Yay! The project that I've been working in these past couple months is now finally printed and sent to me.

This is a personalized picture book for a marriage proposal. All pages of this book are filled with illustrations of client's precious moments with his loved one. As lovely as it sounds, I really enjoyed working on this project. It's my second time to make this kind of book after The Story of Us that I've done before, back in 2013 from a client in Australia.

Too bad I cannot show you their beautiful faces because we agreed upon protecting client's privacy. I can only show you how he put the book in the bookshelf, minutes before he proposed, as shown below:

01 December 2015

VLOG #1 - Spaying My Dogs

This is my first vlog and it's just my personal thoughts and opinion about spaying or neutering a dog or cat.

Both my dogs, Suri and Lammy, are going to get fixed. It's been a struggle for me to eventually convince myself to bring them to vet because here in Indonesia, it's very uncommon to spay or neuter a pet. I do a lot of researches, read a lot of articles and some books, watch videos, see the facts that there are many stray dogs and cats living with no food and shelter, and finally come to conclusion that yes, I need to spay my dogs.

I'm kind of hoping to get more people in Indonesia, who still think it's taboo to spay or neuter a dog or a cat to watch this video and kind of want to know their reaction, especially if they against any sterilization, to be able to throw me some different opinions :)