31 January 2016

We See No Difference

An illustration for Embracing Our Difference campaign with theme "Enriching Lives through Diversity".

For me, the theme means appreciating the richness of differences by supporting equal rights for all people. Eyes are thing that mainly see the differences in other people which leads to discrimination, an ugly attitude that brings lives away from unity. By being "blind" towards other individual's features, we can have a judge-free relationship that brings happiness in equality.

Anyway, this illustration has been selected for inclusion in the 2016 Embracing Our Differences exhibit. The submission was selected as one of 48 selections from over 8,000 entries received from 109 countries around the world. Yay!

The exhibit will be displayed in Island Park on Sarasota's bayfront from March 30, 2016 to May 31, 2016.

You can check all of the winning selections here.

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