14 February 2016

Things I Love about You

Just wanted to take time to wish my love happy Valentine's Day!

My boyfriend has been on a trip to South Korea since 5 days ago and he can't be with me today, February 14th. Do you think I'm sad? No. I miss him, yes. But it's not like I only miss him just on Valentine's Day, I miss him everyday. Because we're in a long distance relationship and missing seems like a daily hunger that we'll always crave from each other everyday, not just today.

Honestly, I've never really made such effort before just to give someone a gift on Valentine's Day, or any other special day. I spent around 3 weeks to finally complete this book and I had such a fun time making it. I've always wanted to make someone a book filled with my drawings, but apparently not many people around me will really appreciate it if I do (even my Mum! ha!). They will like it, of course, but they'll mostly just don't know how to do with the book and it will just end up being stacked somewhere. But now that I have a sweet and lovely partner who I know will always appreciate my drawings, I decided to make him a book. I know he'll treasure it, just like how he has treasured all of my efforts before. The book is called "Things I Love about You", and it is filled with my feelings for him.

He is always wondering how much I love him but I know that words will just never enough to explain it because every part of him, I love it! And these are just a few of them.

I still remember when I asked him why do we even need Valentine's Day when we can just love each other everyday and his answer is right, it's to remind us about how much we love each other.

I hope he'll always feel reminded with this mini book.

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