13 March 2016

IRONMAN Triathlon Supporter Shirt Design

I feel so honored to help design the supporter shirts for my boyfriend and his sister for IRONMAN Triathlon New Zealand last March 4th as they were supporting my boyfriend's brother in law that was taking part as one of the athlete on the event.

These are the two original designs that I make in Photoshop. I draw illustration of an athlete (boyfriend's bro in law) running with finish line ribbon tape. And in the other design, I also draw a cute version of my boyfriend and his sister supporting him. I'm glad that they like it and they said they also received many compliments on the shirt design during the event.

12 March 2016

DIY Instax Picture Frame from Empty Cartridge

Ever since I was little, I always love polaroid! I still remember how cool it was to take picture and the picture was instantly slide out from the camera. Now when I've grown up, I become a fan of Instax pictures. It's cute, fun and just so lovely. But, there's one thing that i found it annoying about Instax... it's the empty cartridge!

I hate throwing away empty Instax cartridges because I always feel that they can be useful. I know that some people like to use it as Instax picture frame, but for me the empty cartridge looks too plain and boring to hold Instax pictures.

I've been keeping my empty Instax cartridges for quite some time already with a thought of using them someday when I have enough time and creativity. And now that day has come, I'm ready to give them a new life by decorating it so they can look better as Instax photo holder.

I'm experimenting with some different materials to create three different looks: Rustic Gold, Sparkling Pink, and Cracky White. When I'm done with these cartridges, I then realized that only the sky is the limit! I can always decorate it in so many ways, there are so many limitless options and materials to use. Too bad I only have three empty cartridges now.

See the full tutorial on this video:

09 March 2016

The First Look

If you ask me what type of clothes I'm really into recently is cropped top and high-waisted pant. Both are like the best combo that will never go wrong to me.

This look is the kind of look that I really like, but sadly will never be seen in public, well, at least for this present time. I mean, where can I go out with this kind of outfit without being judged anywhere in where I'm living in right now. Too much skins = Too much fears. So this is why I take pictures of this look in my room.

This look is also my first look that I intentionally took just for #ootd post. Hopefully I can do better in my next post.

07 March 2016

DIY Framing Dried Flowers

Read my Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend here.

Even if my boyfriend was on a trip in South Korea during the last Valentine's Day, he still somehow managed to send me a beautiful bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate on the exact February 14th (thanks to online florist shop!). I decided to let this precious memory last longer and preserve this beautiful moment by framing up my Valentine's flowers bouquet in two different ways: press it down and hang it dry.

NOTE: Make sure your flowers are completely dry (not damp) before you press it because moisture can make your flowers not nicely dried and rotten and also build fungus! Don't ask me why I know this :(

See the full tutorial on this video:

02 March 2016

Hiii Illustration 2015 Finalist

Good news!

My Stop Elephant Exploitation illustration is in the finalists of Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition! Yay!

Check the link of the full finalists here. My work is under Noncommercial section, No. N_005, just in case you can't find it because the total number of the works chosen are 291 out of 1525 pieces of works from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. I'm so happy!

And also, there will be 3 Most Popular Award from the finalist too. One will be from the Commercial category and the rest will be from the Noncommercial category. The votes will be valued by the total number of how many times the work is appreciated on the official website and the most votes on Facebook and WeChat. Voting ends on 28th March, 2016.

If you want, you can help me vote too, I will really appreciate it! ^^

Official website (click "Appreciate" button on the bottom)
Facebook (No. N_005)
WeChat Noncommercial (No. N_005)