12 March 2016

DIY Instax Picture Frame from Empty Cartridge

Ever since I was little, I always love polaroid! I still remember how cool it was to take picture and the picture was instantly slide out from the camera. Now when I've grown up, I become a fan of Instax pictures. It's cute, fun and just so lovely. But, there's one thing that i found it annoying about Instax... it's the empty cartridge!

I hate throwing away empty Instax cartridges because I always feel that they can be useful. I know that some people like to use it as Instax picture frame, but for me the empty cartridge looks too plain and boring to hold Instax pictures.

I've been keeping my empty Instax cartridges for quite some time already with a thought of using them someday when I have enough time and creativity. And now that day has come, I'm ready to give them a new life by decorating it so they can look better as Instax photo holder.

I'm experimenting with some different materials to create three different looks: Rustic Gold, Sparkling Pink, and Cracky White. When I'm done with these cartridges, I then realized that only the sky is the limit! I can always decorate it in so many ways, there are so many limitless options and materials to use. Too bad I only have three empty cartridges now.

See the full tutorial on this video:

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