25 May 2016

Freebies: Foods for Dog Guide

Recently I have a night time habit of doing a little research about foods for dog. Basically is just to find out about foods that can be or cannot be eaten by dogs beside commercial dog foods itself. My research went pretty interesting so I decided to make a list about that for my own personal guide when I want to share food with Suri and Lammy later. And of course, I would like to share it with you too!

You can use this guide by printed it in a A4 paper and then stick it in the fridge door, or anywhere near the dog's feeding area. So every time you want to give a food for your dog, you can check it first whether it's safe (YAY!) or harmful (NAY!) for them.

This guide is just to show you about certain foods that can be or cannot be given to dog. It is safe to give them any foods listed in safe (YAY!) in moderation but it's not advisable to replace your whole dog's diet with these foods even if it shows safe (YAY!) on this list. It's recommended to contact your vet first to discuss your pet's health if you have any concern before giving them these foods as different dog has different health issue.

To download larger resolution of this foods for dog guide, just click on the download link below, extract the .zip file and you'll find the file in .jpg and .pdf.

For personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. Feel free to share it but make sure to credit or link back to this blog. If you use any of my freebies, you can tag me on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #CarolynnStuffs so that I can see it! Remember to play nice :)



09 May 2016

Siapa Nama Kamu?

Siapa Nama Kamu?
means "What is your name?"

It was one sunny Tuesday when KL asked me if I want to visit National Gallery Singapore. This is my first time visiting an exhibition in Singapore, and definitely won't be my last.

This gallery is so big and quiet. Even if it's really hot outside, inside is comfortably cool and cozy. There are also many gallery guards spread in every corner of this gallery to help visitors if there's something they want to know more about the exhibition. The gallery guards are all kind and will greet visitors with smile.

Now let me show you around to some of my favorites in "Siapa Nama Kamu?" exhibition. The majority of this exhibition is painting, but some spots are also displaying 3D art like the photo above. However, not all areas are allowed to be taken picture of. Some of my favorite pieces are sadly, inside those area.

I enjoyed looking at the collection of this exhibition so much! At the end of the gallery, visitor can make a collage out of all the artworks here and turn it into a digital postcard. It's free and instantly sent to your email. Here I am pinning some of my favorite portrait paintings because they go well with the title.

And after a great time spent inside of the gallery, we went to the roof top of the building to feel some fresh air. On this spot, you can see the beautiful skyline of Singapore and some of the famous Singapore's landmarks like Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and many more. There's also a cafe there where you can rest, have some nice meal, chat with your friends, while of course, enjoy the view.

And here's to a little detail of my outfit of that day:

National Gallery Singapore

1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957

Admission ticket:
SGD 20 Non-Singaporeans
SGD 15 Concession holders and children between 7 and 12 years
Free admission for Singapore Citizens/PRs and children 6 years and under

Visit the website: https://www.nationalgallery.sg/

07 May 2016

The Famous Merlion

Almost everyone knows that Merlion park is a must visit spot in Singapore for tourist. They say, if you go to Singapore but you never take a picture of you drinking or holding a mug to capture Merlion's squirt, then what's the point.

I didn't remember I ever took a picture with this half-lion-half-fish statue as the background when I first came to Singapore, neither my second or third time. But then suddenly came that one Saturday when I woke up in the morning and all of sudden I wanted to go to this famous Singapore landmark at least once. In no time, I grabbed my boy and I am, I mean we are, finally there.

Going to this park is free. So no wonder that this spot was and will always be full of people, especially in the weekend or public holiday. This explains why I cannot take picture showing Merlion's front face due to fact that I just can't and don't want to squeeze myself into the crowd.

This bridge is the new bridge that Singapore's government built a year ago. I know this because my boyfriend told me on the path was written SG50, the 50th anniversary of Singapore that fell in 2015.

And this one is the Esplanade Bridge, the older bridge that they built in 1997.

And here's to a little detail of my outfit of that day:

04 May 2016

Fun Getaway at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

April 24, 2016. I finally went to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

When I was a little younger, Hello Kitty was one of my biggest addiction, followed by Badtz Maru as my second favorite cartoon character, both from Sanrio. I still love and enjoy Hello Kitty much now, but not as crazy as I was before. However, I eventually made a visit to her town in Malaysia. Another tick off my bucket list!

I went with KL to Johor Bahru from Singapore by bus. We arrived to JB Central at around 1:30 pm and we had to wait for around 30 minutes until LM1 bus, the bus that will take us to Hello Kitty town, came. This bus can also take you to Legoland as their final destination. From JB Central to Hello Kitty town, took about 30 more minutes which made us arrived at Hello Kitty town at around 2:30 pm. Quite late already, I regretted not being a morning person that day.

If you want to enjoy a full day in Hello Kitty town, I recommend you to depart way earlier and try to reach this place before noon because, ugh, who likes to be rushed by time when visiting a theme park.

We bought the all park pass because we already came so far here so must as well we visited all the parks which is Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town. Of course the admission ticket is cheaper if you only visit Hello Kitty Town. All price and info is listed down below :)

The first thing we did when we arrived was to have lunch because we were so hungry as always. I ordered this cute Hello Kitty fried rice (I forgot the actual name of this menu) in Cinnamoroll cafe inside Hello Kitty Town.

When tummy was already full, then it's time to start playing and exploring. They will give you an activity card to collect stamp of every activity you do in Hello Kitty Town that you can keep as a souvenir. We first made a cookie as our first activity, following by making a badge, making hama beads, dressing up, and visiting Hello Kitty in Oz.

This sweet little buddy accompanied us during our time inside the Hello Kitty in Oz where we can play more fun games and discover more interesting things. Hello Kitty in Oz is only open in certain time, I think it's every 1 or 2 hour, you must take note at the gate notice for the exact time if you want to go inside Hello Kitty in Oz.

This is how inside of the Hello Kitty in Oz looks like. The games here are quite easy to follow because they are meant to be for little kids.

And of course I had to take a picture with Little Twin Stars too.

And for Thomas Town, we never took much pictures from there, I also wonder why (ha!), but we did enjoy playing all the amusement rides there.

Inside the Thomas Town, there are other characters too like Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, and Pingu.

And these are all the things we got from this fun short getaway. Honestly, it was just jest-worthy the whole entire trip because we're both grown up and we went to this theme park that is designated for young fellows, but hey, we may not young at age, but we are always young at heart.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park
Nusajaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Operating hours:
Monday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm

Admission ticket:
RM 85 for only Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
RM 125 for all park pass
20% off for MyKad holder (Malaysian citizens only)

Bus from JB Central to Hello Kitty Town: RM 4
Bus from Hello Kitty Town to JB Central: RM 4
Bus Name: LM1

Book ticket online at www.puteriharbour.com/play/sanrio-hello-kitty/