25 May 2016

Freebies: Foods for Dog Guide

Recently I have a night time habit of doing a little research about foods for dog. Basically is just to find out about foods that can be or cannot be eaten by dogs beside commercial dog foods itself. My research went pretty interesting so I decided to make a list about that for my own personal guide when I want to share food with Suri and Lammy later. And of course, I would like to share it with you too!

You can use this guide by printed it in a A4 paper and then stick it in the fridge door, or anywhere near the dog's feeding area. So every time you want to give a food for your dog, you can check it first whether it's safe (YAY!) or harmful (NAY!) for them.

This guide is just to show you about certain foods that can be or cannot be given to dog. It is safe to give them any foods listed in safe (YAY!) in moderation but it's not advisable to replace your whole dog's diet with these foods even if it shows safe (YAY!) on this list. It's recommended to contact your vet first to discuss your pet's health if you have any concern before giving them these foods as different dog has different health issue.

To download larger resolution of this foods for dog guide, just click on the download link below, extract the .zip file and you'll find the file in .jpg and .pdf.

For personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. Feel free to share it but make sure to credit or link back to this blog. If you use any of my freebies, you can tag me on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #CarolynnStuffs so that I can see it! Remember to play nice :)



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  1. Thank you for this!! Design is also cute