07 May 2016

The Famous Merlion

Almost everyone knows that Merlion park is a must visit spot in Singapore for tourist. They say, if you go to Singapore but you never take a picture of you drinking or holding a mug to capture Merlion's squirt, then what's the point.

I didn't remember I ever took a picture with this half-lion-half-fish statue as the background when I first came to Singapore, neither my second or third time. But then suddenly came that one Saturday when I woke up in the morning and all of sudden I wanted to go to this famous Singapore landmark at least once. In no time, I grabbed my boy and I am, I mean we are, finally there.

Going to this park is free. So no wonder that this spot was and will always be full of people, especially in the weekend or public holiday. This explains why I cannot take picture showing Merlion's front face due to fact that I just can't and don't want to squeeze myself into the crowd.

This bridge is the new bridge that Singapore's government built a year ago. I know this because my boyfriend told me on the path was written SG50, the 50th anniversary of Singapore that fell in 2015.

And this one is the Esplanade Bridge, the older bridge that they built in 1997.

And here's to a little detail of my outfit of that day:

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