02 June 2016

DIY Mini Desktop Garden

It's been more than a month since Earth Day 2016, which was the actual day I made this cute mini desktop garden and filmed the tutorial. Yes, this was supposed to be my contribution on Earth Day this year, but except on my Instagram, I missed the chance to share it elsewhere. It's true that I was pretty busy with stuffs and I've been travelling to Singapore a lot lately that makes me keep postponing to edit the footage. But today, since I'm already back to my house in Indonesia and since I'm also taking a day off that actually was meant to be for resting because I have a terrible sore throat, I eventually got the time to edit the video and come up with something to upload and share on my DIY Youtube channel.

This DIY is perfect for if you want to make your desk looks greener and prettier. When choosing the plants, opt for plants that can thrive well indoor like succulents or cactus.

See the full tutorial on this video:


  1. You did an amazing job! Congrats

  2. Any tips on how to maintain them? I always find it hard to keep it beautiful

    1. Your mini garden is great! I love succulents

    2. No special tips yet. I just water them 2-3 times a week :) And yes, succulents is awesome!