08 June 2016

My Freelance Life part 1: The Beginning

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay in your pajamas at home 24/7 and have the flexibility to extend your vacation time as long as you want while still making money to pay the bills? Does being a freelancer can really turn your stable income of everyday 9-to-5 inside the cubicle into making as much money as you possibly can by working for an hour or so a day on the beach or wherever you want your "office" to be?

The answer could be "Yes" and also could be "No".

As a freelancer my self, I personally think that freelancing is awesome, but that doesn't mean it would work for everyone. Some of my friends and family often ask me what exactly do I do in my life and explaining to them is never easy for me. Most people around me are still not so familiar with freelance work, and I won't blame them for that. They don't understand what is freelance illustrator and what illustrators actually do for a living. Even in the scope of my family, my job isn't real. I mean, for them, the "real jobs" are people who go to work in certain time, have a physical place they call "office", have colleagues and boss (or if they are boss themselves, at least they got people working for them), and a stable monthly salary or income.

So, along with this post I want to share about what it's actually like to be a freelancer like me and I'm gonna share my own freelance life story. This is my first post in the Freelancing section on this blog, and I will continue adding more and more post about my freelance life or tips that might be useful for everyone who wants to know about freelancing.

I was graduated three years ago, which was in August 2013, with a degree of Bachelor of Design. I believe that it's always such a big pressure for a fresh-graduate to hurry find a job and finally settle down. People say it's a bit too late if you just start to look for a job right after you're graduated because you'll have many competitors out there that is looking for the same position as you and you'll have to wait until you're lucky enough or skilled enough to get a job fast and that is why you need to start early and begin looking for a job months before you're even graduated, which is true. For me, my biggest pressure was to find a peace with myself.

Before I was graduated, I did an internship as a graphic designer in a graphic design company in Jakarta as part of my university task. It was a great experience for me. At that time, my boss also asked me if I wanted to join their company after my graduation and it was a nice feeling to know that you have a position ready for you even before you're graduated. But sadly, I had to turn down the offer because I wanted to achieve something bigger. In terms of salary, I should say that graphic designer is a sad profession in Indonesia. In the big city like Jakarta, the average monthly salary for a fresh-graduate graphic designer was around 3.5 million or around USD 300 at that time. That's considered small money since the living expenses is not cheap in Jakarta. So instead of took that position, I began looking for other opportunity.

My parents were easy on me in the point that they were not forcing me to hurry find a job so I felt less stressed out. But the truth was, I really don't want to leave my comfort zone at that time. I love sleeping around and I hate showering right after I wake up in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I am not that lazy, I can be super productive and get things done quick when I'm ready which is most of the time is not in the early morning. I like waking up early, but I don't like waking up to follow the same pattern over and over. I like myself random. And that was when I realized that I don't want to work for a company anymore. I want to be free. I don't like to wake up in the same time every morning, going to the same building, meeting the same people, and doing a monotonous job every single day until I don't know when will I get my promotion. It's always been in the back of my mind to work as hard or as little as I want in my sleeping wear anywhere while still making good money. But in reality, it's not always that easy.

So that's the early reason why I started looking for freelance job. How I actually did it was really not simple. So stay tune for part 2 to find out more.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. It's very inspiring. Looking forward to read part 2

  2. I love your blog, I want to be a freelancer too.