10 June 2016

Speed Painting #1 - Me & My Dog

This is my first speed painting video ever, a painting of me and my dog Suri that I drew for fun a year ago. My hair was exactly like that at that time. I'm drawing with watercolor on my sketchbook.

This is actually a re-upload video that I deleted a while back from my Youtube channel, Carolynn's Stuffs, because I was concerned about the background music that I used. When I first started doing Youtube, I wasn't so aware about the copyrighted content that I used in my video because I was just too lazy too check. I swear I took it down on my own will and not because Youtube told me to do so. Haha. But anyway, I finally worked on the editing again to replace the background music.

I will keep uploading more speed paintings in my channel. Stay tune and I hope you enjoy it :)

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