28 July 2016

One Sweaty Day at Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa Wetlands

Two weekends ago, KL and I decided to have some exercise while visiting a new place. This place is new for me, but not for KL, as he had visited this island a couple of times before.

Pulau Ubin (meaning = Granite Island) is a captivating island in Singapore, famous for its largely authentic remain untouched area. This island is like a spacious green breathing space in Singapore among all of those tall buildings and shopping malls. I feel like I was not in Singapore when I visited this island because the rustic village feel that remains surprisingly natural and pure, very contrasting with the busy city feel that I feel in the Singapore mainland.

We started our trip at the Changi Ferry Point Terminal at Changi Village where we took ferry (bumboat) to Pulau Ubin. Each ferry can carry up to twelve people and it costs SGD 3 per passenger for a one-way trip. It took around 10 minutes to reach Pulau Ubin from the terminal.

Upon arrival at Pulau Ubin, we rent a tandem bicycle (bicycle with two seats) that available everywhere near the entrance. There are many other choices of bicycle that you can rent too. Or alternatively, you can also go to Pulau Ubin Taxi Kiosk where you can book at mini-bus taxi with a distinctive “PU” licence plate to take you around the island without having to waste much energy.

If you are a social media addict, be ready to get lost here because the network service there was very limited. I was freaked out when I first reached there because my SIM card texted me "Welcome to Malaysia". Haha. I was using SINGTEL as my network provider at that moment. During my exploration to Pulau Ubin, my GPS often got really confused to tell whether I was in Malaysia or still in Singapore. I think it's because Pulau Ubin is very near to the frontier.

We cycled to explore the island and we stopped at Chek Jawa Wetlands, the star attraction of this island. We parked our bicycle and walked there because the land is too adventurous to ride with bicycle. I also met some wild boars along the way. Pulau Ubin is famous of their friendly wild boar. But even though they won't attack you, be careful not to get too near to them because they are very strong with their snout and you don't want accident to happen, do you? One more thing to be aware: you shouldn't leave any food on your bicycle while you explore Check Jawa because wild boars may want to steal it too (I see that happen!).

Inside of the Chek Jawa, there's a tall tower where you can take the stairs to gaze around the island. It was fun and tiring to climb the stairs but worth-trying because the scenery is beautiful! When you explore Check Jawa, make sure you've applied mosquito or bugs repellent because the area is wet and humid, a perfect place for mosquito to live and breed.

Chek Jawa is claimed as home to extensive exotic marine wildlife, such as octopuses, starfish, and cuttlefish. It is also very near to Changi Airport. Don't be surprised if you keep seeing and hearing airplane flying above you every now and then.

There's also a cute house deep in the forest! Inside the house, you can get many information about Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa. On the other side of the house, there's another bridge that will lead you to see even more beautiful scenery. If your bladder is full somehow during the trip, you can also use the toilets that's available near the house. Or if you just want to wash your face with a clean cold water, you can do it there too. It's hot and challenging to explore Pulau Ubin, so don't forget to apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn and stay hydrated all the time.

After we left Pulau Ubin at around 3PM, we headed back to Changi Ferry Point Terminal and we stayed at a nice hotel near there called Changi Cove. What's so special about this hotel is the natural open-air concept and its beautiful old trees. But my favorite part of this hotel is that they have a doodle wall in every guest room that the guest can draw-write-doodle anything on it with the marker provided. Of course, I didn't miss my chance to leave some art there, even though I was pretty exhausted after exploring Pulau Ubin all day.

Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa

Located in the north east of Singapore, to the west of Pulau Tekong.

Operating hours:
The NParks Information Kiosk is open 8:30am - 5pm.
Chek Jawa Wetlands Opening Hours: 8:30am - 6pm
Bumboats to and from Pulau Ubin, and public transport on the island operate from sunrise to sunset.
No opening or closing hours to enter Pulau Ubin, but regular services only run during daylight hours.

Admission fee: FREE

Visit the website: www.nparks.gov.sg


13 July 2016

DIY Flowers Hand Bouquet for my Marriage Solemnization

July 8, 2016 was a big moment of my life because in front of families and the solemnizer, KL and I have been legally married. As planned, we finally had our solemnization for the registration of civil marriages under Singapore law on that day.

Some of my friends were upset because they thought I didn't invite them in my wedding, but fyi, it wasn't our wedding yet! I must say it's a bit different than how Indonesians conduct their wedding but here in Singapore, they called this process as ROM (Registry of Marriage) and it's very common to have their wedding on the different day than their ROM, even though it's also possible to have it at the same day. ROM is basically to get the marriage certificate and not necessarily to throw a celebration yet. This because to get the date of the solemnization is not easy, me and KL even booked our date 3 months in advance to make sure we have a slot for our ROM.

But even tho it was not the "official" wedding celebration, I still want to have a bit of formality and look nice (who didn't?). But also because this was just a ROM (not a wedding), I dressed up simple and I also made use of my crafty hands to create my own flowers hand bouquet and it turned out great!

See the full tutorial on this video:

05 July 2016

Singapore Map Postcard

In my previous post, I've announced that I officially move to Singapore. I've been visiting Singapore a couple of times before I move here, but most of time, I only visited the famous area of Singapore like Orchard and Sentosa. And now during my first week living in Singapore, I like to explore new places and it was a great experience to me so I decided to make something to appreciate my new home.

This is my first time designing a map postcard and I really enjoy it a lot. I printed these postcards in printing shop to get it professionally printed and maintain the quality of the print, then I cut them out with my new paper trimmer (yes, that pink one!) that I bought from my favorite art supply in Bugis. I use 310gsm thick paper with gloss finish on the front to highlight the image and matte finish on the back for an easy-to-write-on surface. I plan to send these postcards to all my penpals all over the world and also to some lucky people in Postcrossing who won't mind receiving one.

03 July 2016

Robot Kitty Singapore

Just right after I reached Singapore on June 20th, I visited this Robot Kitty exhibition in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. I rushed for this exhibition because the next day was the last day and if I didn't want to miss this exhibition, I had to go on that day since KL should start working again the next day. And even though I was tired and overwhelmed from my engagement dinner party and also from my flight to Singapore, I still enjoyed this short trip a lot.

There were 2 kind of admission tickets in this exhibition. One is that yellow card, the other one is that red card. The red card came together with the Robot Kitty. Visitor can choose the color of their Robot Kitty, there are two options available, white and black. I like both version, the black Robot Kitty is cooler because it looks unique but I ended up with the white one because it looks more like Kitty.

The yellow card holder can only play the games inside the exhibition but they cannot redeem the points they have. The red holder can play the games and redeem the points in the end of the exhibition. There were many cool stuffs that they can achieve based on the level of points they gain.

There were the total of 5 games inside of this exhibition. One yellow card or Robot Kitty can only play once each, but you can always recharge to play again if you want to gain more points. I wasn't so good at playing so I took the time taking picture around while KL played for me. Haha.

We did a pretty good job and we get level 2 in the end with our points. I redeemed our points and get one green ribbon (not in the pic).

If you noticed, I have a new fluffy friend that I bring along almost everywhere I go recently. Her name is Baby Bear, she even has her own Instagram account, featuring her trip and small little things. Haha. I know it sounds silly to create an account for a toy, but I just do it for fun and I think it's cute and also nice to capture moments that way. And yep, with her around, I officially run 4 Instagram accounts now. Don't judge me :D

Robot Kitty Singapore

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 403
11 - 21 June 2016, 10am to 8pm

Visit the website: http://robotkitty.com.sg/