13 July 2016

DIY Flowers Hand Bouquet for my Marriage Solemnization

July 8, 2016 was a big moment of my life because in front of families and the solemnizer, KL and I have been legally married. As planned, we finally had our solemnization for the registration of civil marriages under Singapore law on that day.

Some of my friends were upset because they thought I didn't invite them in my wedding, but fyi, it wasn't our wedding yet! I must say it's a bit different than how Indonesians conduct their wedding but here in Singapore, they called this process as ROM (Registry of Marriage) and it's very common to have their wedding on the different day than their ROM, even though it's also possible to have it at the same day. ROM is basically to get the marriage certificate and not necessarily to throw a celebration yet. This because to get the date of the solemnization is not easy, me and KL even booked our date 3 months in advance to make sure we have a slot for our ROM.

But even tho it was not the "official" wedding celebration, I still want to have a bit of formality and look nice (who didn't?). But also because this was just a ROM (not a wedding), I dressed up simple and I also made use of my crafty hands to create my own flowers hand bouquet and it turned out great!

See the full tutorial on this video:


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