31 July 2016

July 2016 Favorites

Welcome to my second monthly favorites. Every last day of the month or the first day of the next month, I will list down my favorites stuffs, be it physical items or activities, of that month. Some of them will be about beauty products or fashion item so I'm kinda want to put this favorites under Beauty & Fashion category, but I'm still not so sure because it is not a deep review about those beauty or fashion items, so let me think about that again. But anyway, here are my favorites of this month:

1. Bento

Ever since I became a work-at-home wife, I have a new chore everyday: preparing foods for me and KL. I never really cooked or helped my Mum when I lived with her before, so I just start learning how to cook properly this month. Haha. But I enjoy it a lot so far. My favorite part is to pack bento (lunch) for KL to bring to work and eat in the office. My favorite dish so far is Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette).

2. Hama Beads

I'm too addicted to make cute characters with hama beads a lot this month to the point that I don't know where to put them anymore. Haha. Seriously, I really think I need to stop playing too much with hama beads already. However, I'm still planning to make DIY hama beads design tutorial in this blog or in my Youtube channel later though, so stay tune :)

3. Postcrossing

I've joined Postcrossing for over a year already but I was an on-off member because when I was still living in Indonesia, sending a postcard was a bit inconvenient, not to mention how hard it was for me to find a postcard and how slow it was for a postcard to be delivered and how long it took me to receive a postcard back (Phew!). But since I moved to Singapore and updated my Postcrossing account to my address in Singapore, I become more and more addicted with this project. Sending postcard is easier here and I can even buy stamps in an ATM-like machine anytime I want. Plus, I'm so amazed by how fast it is to get my postcard received and how fast for me to get a postcard back. I think I will write a separate post about this later.

4. Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunscreen

Since it's forever-summer in Singapore, I always bring this sunscreen around wherever I go this month. It's absorbed well and it gives my skin a cooling sensation whenever I spray it. It's very convenient to apply and the packaging is cute too. With it's high contain in SPF, I feel more secure of protecting my skin from the risks of sun exposure. Plus, it can be used for both the face and the body.

5. Blue Sneakers

I used to make a mistake for attempting to look fashionable in Singapore by wearing heels all the time. People here are walking fast and in my opinion, heels is just something that will make me look too troublesome unless when I'm travelling with car or taxi. Chasing bus and MRT is just so tiring with heels, so ever since I opted to sneakers, I become more and more in love with it. And this month I wear this blue sneakers almost everywhere I go.

So that's my favorites of this month. Stay tune for next month favorite :)

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