01 July 2016

June 2016 Favorites

Today is the first day of July. Can you believe it? 2016 is already half finished. Wow, I wonder where did all the days go. But anyway, starting this month, I'm going to make a monthly post about my favorite stuffs of the previous month, each month. Reading other people blog or vlog about their favorites makes me want to list down my own too. Here they are my favorites during June 2016:

1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

It's not a secret that I have a terribly dry and sensitive skin all over my body. One day when I was eating in a restaurant in Changi airport, I read an article in a magazine about this lotion saying that this product is specifically formulated to soothe chronically dry skin and it was pretty promising so I started shopping right away to find it. It was never been easy for me to find a perfect lotion that is suitable for my skin so I'm glad that I finally found this. This product is really powerful. It soothes my skin well and keeps it hydrated all day.

2. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Mist

If Cetaphil is really perfect for my body skin, this Moistfull Collagen facial mist from Etude House is perfect for my face skin. I've been using this product since February and it's always been my favorite ever since, if only I've started this monthly favorites earlier, I would have listed it by then. I like how easy I keep my face looking young and fresh every day. I spray this facial mist everyday after I wash my face and after I use toner.

3. Kellogg's Mueslix

This is what I've been eating almost every morning in June. I mix it with milk and sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey too. I like the feeling of eating healthy food in the morning and it helps me to boost up the mood of the day.

4. Floral Top-Cropped

I feel like I overwore this top-cropped so much until I decided to stop wearing it next month. I bought this top-cropped in Bugis few month ago and it's been in a cycle of wash-dry-wear non-stop this June.

5. Shopping at Daiso

Is this even an item? Okay, this last thing is not an item but seriously, I'm really addicted to shop at Daiso lately. Since I moved to Singapore, it has been a torture for my eyes to keep seeing significant price differences of a same item selling in Indonesia and Singapore (in Singapore is more expensive, for sure). Shopping at budget-friendly shop like Daiso does help to keep me sane at some point. Plus, many stuffs sold there are cute and functional as well.

So that's my favorites of this month. Stay tune for next month favorite :)

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