03 July 2016

Robot Kitty Singapore

Just right after I reached Singapore on June 20th, I visited this Robot Kitty exhibition in Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. I rushed for this exhibition because the next day was the last day and if I didn't want to miss this exhibition, I had to go on that day since KL should start working again the next day. And even though I was tired and overwhelmed from my engagement dinner party and also from my flight to Singapore, I still enjoyed this short trip a lot.

There were 2 kind of admission tickets in this exhibition. One is that yellow card, the other one is that red card. The red card came together with the Robot Kitty. Visitor can choose the color of their Robot Kitty, there are two options available, white and black. I like both version, the black Robot Kitty is cooler because it looks unique but I ended up with the white one because it looks more like Kitty.

The yellow card holder can only play the games inside the exhibition but they cannot redeem the points they have. The red holder can play the games and redeem the points in the end of the exhibition. There were many cool stuffs that they can achieve based on the level of points they gain.

There were the total of 5 games inside of this exhibition. One yellow card or Robot Kitty can only play once each, but you can always recharge to play again if you want to gain more points. I wasn't so good at playing so I took the time taking picture around while KL played for me. Haha.

We did a pretty good job and we get level 2 in the end with our points. I redeemed our points and get one green ribbon (not in the pic).

If you noticed, I have a new fluffy friend that I bring along almost everywhere I go recently. Her name is Baby Bear, she even has her own Instagram account, featuring her trip and small little things. Haha. I know it sounds silly to create an account for a toy, but I just do it for fun and I think it's cute and also nice to capture moments that way. And yep, with her around, I officially run 4 Instagram accounts now. Don't judge me :D

Robot Kitty Singapore

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 403
11 - 21 June 2016, 10am to 8pm

Visit the website: http://robotkitty.com.sg/

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