05 July 2016

Singapore Map Postcard

In my previous post, I've announced that I officially move to Singapore. I've been visiting Singapore a couple of times before I move here, but most of time, I only visited the famous area of Singapore like Orchard and Sentosa. And now during my first week living in Singapore, I like to explore new places and it was a great experience to me so I decided to make something to appreciate my new home.

This is my first time designing a map postcard and I really enjoy it a lot. I printed these postcards in printing shop to get it professionally printed and maintain the quality of the print, then I cut them out with my new paper trimmer (yes, that pink one!) that I bought from my favorite art supply in Bugis. I use 310gsm thick paper with gloss finish on the front to highlight the image and matte finish on the back for an easy-to-write-on surface. I plan to send these postcards to all my penpals all over the world and also to some lucky people in Postcrossing who won't mind receiving one.

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