26 August 2016

Vlog #3 - Celebrating SG51 // National Day Parade 2016

About two months ago, KL and I went to redeem our tickets for National Day Parade 2016 (NDP 2016). We redeemed the tickets because KL was very lucky to win two NDP tickets among many others who applied. The winners were announced through their mobile numbers and prompted to redeem their tickets in the National Stadium. We almost missed our chance to watch NDP 2016 because when KL suddenly recalled about the SMS, we were on the last redemption day and it was already past noon. So after we took our lunch, we rushed to the National Stadium and as expected, a long queue. But lucky we managed to go there and finally got our tickets. Phew!

I still remember how I had no idea at all about what NDP was at that time. Even though KL has explained that NDP is basically a parade to commemorate national ceremony on Singapore's National Day, but the way he was so excited about it still left me in wonder. He kept mentioning about NDP every now and then, especially when we passed by the National Stadium. Until on August 9, I finally went to the parade and I have to agree with him that it's a great experience to be one of the winners.

Singapore celebrated its first National Day as an independent nation in 1966, which make Singapore turned 51 this year. The parade itself features performances such as official ceremony, marching band, theatrical shows, fireworks and other spectacular performances. Every year has different theme and "Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow" is the theme for this year celebration.

This was one of my favorite show. This brave little kid, dressed up in pajama, rode a flying unicorn on top of the audiences, depicting a beautiful dream that the theme carried. I adore this a lot, not only because this kid was daring enough to be raised at such height, but also because she/he was still able to smile and wave hands during the performance. If I were being raised at such height, I will faint for sure *acrophobia alert*.

Because Singapore is a multiracial country, the celebration also includes various type of dancings and performances from some different cultures such as Chinese, Malay, and Indian. I like how they blend it together to create such an amazing overall show.

This is my first year celebrating Singapore National Day, and hopefully won't be my last. I expect to still reside in Singapore next year as well!

Watch my vlog below to get better sense of how the NDP 2016 look like:

15 August 2016

Speed Painting #2 - Fashion Illustration - LUNA

Today is for another speed painting. This time is a fashion illustration of a girl named Luna. If you noticed, I messed up a bit on her eyes, but it's kinda make her looks more expressive with smokey eyes and I'm quite happy with the final result.

I drew this for practice and for fun in my sketchbook a while ago and it was one of some speed paintings I previously uploaded on my Youtube channel before I deleted it (the same reason as my first speed painting). I made this small painting with watercolor in my sketchbook.

I enjoy drawing girls in cute hair and fashionable outfits. I plan to draw more and more of fashion illustrations like this and make a lookbook collection. I think it will be fun.