31 August 2016

August 2016 Favorites

A little update on the blog: I put some new sections somewhere in the sidebar menu. This includes Reviews and Favorites section which where I put all my monthly favorites in. Besides favorites, I also created reviews section for random stuffs I find interesting to make a review about. I have some interesting products and items that I want to talk about, so I save some space for that.

Anyway, these are my favorites during August:

1. Korean Face Mask

An honest confession: I use face mask a lot this month. I usually just use face mask once or twice a week but this month, I've been using these Korean face masks almost every other night before I sleep. I like how it makes my skin calm and keeps it looking fresh in the morning.

2. Sephora Instant Nail & Cuticle Care

It's always a sad experience for me to find my cuticles cracked since I have a terribly dry skin. Lucky I accidentally found this instant help from Sephora that can soothe my cuticle and make it looks healthy again in just a few minutes. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't spoil nail polish so I can use it anytime I want without any prior manicure steps like removing nail polish or soaking my nails in warm water.

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Another favorite for my dry skin! I bought a small version of this because I was just trying out and wanted to find out if this is the right product for me. And it is! Clinique is quite pricey, but quality won't lie. This is currently the perfect moisturizer for my face.

4. Collecting Stamps from 7-Eleven

Since 7-Eleven in Singapore decided to collaborate with Sanrio this August, I started drinking more Slurpee and eating more Onigiri just to get more stamps (one stamp with every $3 spending) that can be redeemed for Sanrio Pentacular marker pen collectibles that is available in 12 adorable Sanrio characters. These marker pens can be purchased for $4.90 after collecting 6 stamps or for free after collecting 24 stamps. So far I've collected 6 marker pens that I haven't unboxed yet because I'm too scared to be disappointed if I got same marker(s). I'm planning to unbox them once I've got all 12.

5. Jog with Runkeeper

Recently I got so addicted to exercise. I go to park more than three times a week just to walk and run and something in between (catch my breath). I found an app that helps me with my routine called Runkeeper. This app can track the distant I've run and most importantly can tell the calories I've burnt. Besides the fact that many Pokémon Go players in the park are smokers, I enjoy my new routine.

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  1. Hi Carolyn, greetings from Germany. I don't know why I find it enjoyable reading your journal. I like that you also collect postcards. I remember seeing your name in other blog about your enthusiasm in traditional mail. Correct me if I'm mistaken. Have a nice day!