19 September 2016

DIY Fixing Shoes Insoles Problem + Tips for Keeping Feet Blister-Free

Do you ever feel irritated by your new shoes insoles that is always spoiled in just a few times of wearing? Does your new pair of shoes always leave blister and pain on your feet?

Well, allow me to share how I fix my shoes problems with you.

Let me start by saying I love RUBI! It just happens that all the shoes featured here are under their brand. I'm not anything against them. I actually like their design, especially for their sneakers. It's pretty and very affordable (SGD30 for 2 pairs!). The only downside about this shoes is their insoles. I always found my socks very sticky after wearing them. It seems like the insoles are not strongly attached to the shoes and it moves along with my step even for the first time of wearing it. When I say very sticky, I really mean very sticky, to the point that it's very hard to remove the sticky residue. Even if it happened on my first pairs of RUBI shoes, it didn't make me stop buying another pairs. Well, this is just how I really like RUBI. I am not sure if it's only happening to me or if it's a reoccurring problem for others as well? However, instead of giving up on my used-once shoes, I tried to fix it and giving them another chance again.

Notice the shoddy insoles?

Beside the insoles problem, another annoying problem about wearing shoes for me comes by the end of the day when I take off my shoes only to find blisters on my feet. I believe that no matter how beautiful the shoes is, the skin ain't supposed to suffer. That is why I usually would stop wearing the shoes that gives me blisters while saying a half-bye because I will only wear them again once the blister is completely recovered. I tried few things to prevent this problem before, such as sticking sticker pad that you can put on the painful area of the shoes or even using petroleum jelly like Vaseline to protect my skin. But none of them works well for me. Sticker pad is ugly and not suitable for many kind of shoes, especially heels, and Vaseline tends to always leave messy residue. Lucky, just recently I start noticing this product called Body Glide when I strolled around Watson. This product claims to prevent pain and blister from chafing and it had been my favorite product to protect my feet from this shoes problem so far!

If you cannot find Body Glide, you can refer to other similar products listed here. I personally recommend Body Glide because I tried it myself and it works well for me.

Anyway, I made a simple tutorial about the shoes insoles problem and also showing you how I keep my feet blister-free as well.

See the full tutorial on this video:

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