20 September 2016

Drawing Challenge: 101 People

This is probably the craziest idea to start drawing many many real people into images because I barely even know anyone in this country, except my husband and his family. But I see people everyday. My neighbors, the security, the bus driver, the ice cream uncle, the woman who walks her dog every evening, the convenient store’s cashier, the librarian, the people who cross the street… Yes, they do exist. So it’s probably not that impossible to draw, like, 101 people.

Singapore, 3 August 2016
Carolynn Yoe

If you're following me on Instagram (@carolynnyoe), you might already aware that I started posting some drawings of real people that I met randomly. And yes, I was drawing them on purpose! I started a drawing challenge for myself called 101 People that is basically to reflect 101 real people into illustrations. The goal of this challenge is to literally draw one hundred one people. I draw people who I found interesting to draw and it's been fun so far. I didn't put pressure on timeline, as in when I have to get those 101 illustrations done, but rather enjoying and learning more on the process. I like this kind of challenge because it helps me to stay creative and productive. I uploaded my drawings for this project on Tumblr (http://101people.tumblr.com/), so if you have a Tumblr account and want to know who I stalk, you can follow that page.

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