15 September 2016

Icy and Flaky - My First LINE Stickers!

First of all, I was pretty busy these last couple weeks so this is considered a late announcement. However, I'm still excited to announce that since 5 September 2016, my first LINE stickers set is officially on sale! Yay!

A little story behind these characters:
Icy and Flaky are two cute snowmen that I drew a while ago. I've been addicted to use LINE stickers to chat and swap jokes with KL. We both thought that it would be great if we can have our own stickers. From there, I was then eager to see Icy and Flaky alive and talking to each other. I made a series of drawings before I slowly convert them into LINE stickers.

This is my first LINE stickers and I am happy that now I can use Icy and Flaky stickers to chat in LINE. Unfortunately, this stickers set is not available to download in Indonesia. This stickers set was once rejected by LINE before it's finally accepted after I removed Indonesia as one of the list of countries of sale. This is what LINE wrote to me upon the reason of rejection:

Due to conflict with the worldviews in different cultures and customs around the world, the stickers you submitted will not be allowed to sell in Indonesia.

Honestly, I'm still not quite understand why Icy and Flaky stickers are violating Indonesia cultures and customs. After all, it's still such a shame because I'm Indonesian myself and my LINE ID is from Indonesia as well. But anyway, I did enjoy making my first LINE stickers. By the time I write this, I am also submitting my next LINE stickers and it is currently in review. I will share more about creating LINE stickers later, probably after my second LINE stickers are approved.

NOTE: You can download Icy and Flaky with your LINE account. Icy and Flaky is available to download in all countries, except Indonesia.