06 October 2016

10 DIY Halloween Projects using Hama/Perler/Pyssla Beads + Free Pattern

October is here... Halloween is coming!

And I'm back with another easy DIY projects to celebrate this spooky month of the year. I'm pretty addicted to hama beads lately as I've mentioned in my previous favorites, so these DIY will be making use hama beads! Oh ya, I noticed some people also called it perler beads or pyssla beads, though they have differences, but you can use any of them. It doesn't matter. If you're detail-freak and crave for the best result, you may choose perler beads. If you want more budget-friendly, you can choose hama beads. For these projects, I mixed pyssla beads from Ikea, perler beads I bought from local craft store, and also hama beads I bought from Aliexpress. It worked well for me.

If you're not familiar with hama/perler/pyssla beads and don't know how to get started, you basically will just need pegboard, wax paper or tracing paper, and iron beside the beads itself. The process is also very simple:
  1. Arrange the beads on the pegboard according to your design
  2. Put a piece of wax or tracing paper on top of it
  3. Carefully iron it
  4. Take the beads out of the pegboard and then turn to the other side of the beads
  5. Put another piece of wax or tracing paper on top of it
  6. Carefully iron it again and let it cool down
  7. Peel the beads from the wax or tracing paper carefully, and you're done!

What I really like the most from this DIY is that I can turn my hama beads creations into almost anything I want, to name a few: keychain, necklace, ring, earring, coaster, etc.

I made a total of 10 DIY Halloween projects. And be honest, some of the designs were copied from random Google and Pinterest results, while some came up from my own creative instinct. If you wish to copy the pattern that I use in these creations, feel free to download the .pdf from the link on the end of this post. It will be way easier if you have the pattern printed so you can just put the pegboard on top of the pattern and follow the design directly on top of it. My pdf is also right to size if you're using 29x29 clear pegboard and print it on A4 paper. I also give free blank pattern for if you want to make your own design.

See the full tutorial on this video:

Click the download link below to download my 10 Halloween hama/perler/pyssla beads patterns. You'll find the file in .pdf.

For personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. Feel free to share it but make sure to credit or link back to this blog. If you use any of my freebies, you can tag me on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #CarolynnStuffs so that I can see it! Remember to play nice :)


  1. This is a cool idea! Thankssss soo much

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