27 October 2016

Cycling around Coney Island

Nowadays my ideal kind of weekend is simple: exploring new places because I believe Singapore will never fail to surprise me with something good that I can find in its every corner. To be able to spend a sunny day jumping and cycling around in a beautiful outdoor is a great bonus. This lion city (or country) is not solely just a concrete jungle, after all.

I mean, look at this gorgeous natural green space I spotted deep down the Coney Island Park. This national park houses a wide variety of flora and fauna, and is surely a must explore place to nature enthusiasts. Some plants at Coney Island are even presumed nationally extinct in the wild. Now, that is a WOW.

To get here, you need to take the one and only bus 84 from Punggol MRT. Once you alight, you can rent a bike from this bicycle rental for SGD 8 per hour. You can get free 1 hour for every 1 hour rental on the weekdays or for every 2 hours rental on the weekend. I came to this place on Sunday and I took the 2 hours rental so I get 1 hour for free. In my experience, 3 hours is more than enough to explore the whole park.

The location of this park is a little isolated and there is no electricity or piped water that I can find on the island. The government is really trying their best to maintain the untouched character of the park as the efforts to preserve the park’s natural habitat. However, many people still visit Coney Island to spend their spare time jogging and cycling around the park.

Cycling here is easier than in Pulau Ubin as it has fewer ramps and slopes. The rustic terrain of this park makes cycling a bit bumpy, but it was still an enjoyable experience. The easy-to-follow signs here navigated my way to explore the area easily while enjoying the breezy cycling routes this park offers.

The coastal area was also a scenic view. It looked like your own beach because not so many people were roaming around there unless for some few people catching fish. From the beaches area, you can also see Pulau Ubin just lying across the horizon.

My tips if you're visiting this park is to bring your own water because you don't expect the vending machine to tell you this. Also, don't forget to apply sunblock and insect repellent for protection from fierce sunshine or naughty insects that can ruin your trip.

Coney Island Park

alternatively known as Pulau Serangoon

Operating hours: 7am - 7pm

Visit the website: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/


  1. I'll make sure to visit this place when I go to Singapore soon. Thanks for sharing!