02 October 2016

Happy National Batik Day 2016!

National Batik Day in Indonesia is celebrated every October 2nd. As my little contribution to this special day, I decided to share something I made designed while ago when I was still living in Indonesia, i.e. Batik dress for me and for both of my lovely dogs, Suri and Lammy.

Years ago, my Mum gave me a sheet of pink Batik fabric she got from a trip. I had no idea what should I do with it so I just kept it in the bottom of my closet for years and it's almost forgotten until earlier this year, when I was randomly looking for ideas on Pinterest, I saw some pictures of dogs and their owner wearing matching costumes which I found interesting. From there I decided to take that neglected Batik fabric and turned it into something wearable that's matching for me and my dogs since I've been looking for a matching costume online and got no happy result (both in design and price :P).

I started by sketching the design. At first, I was thinking about combining the Batik with other plain fabric to make a unique accent, but then I was too lazy busy to hunt for another fabric so I just sketched for another option which I didn't need to add more fabric. Peplum top is something that is both casual yet stylist for me, so I went for it. Plus, this design helped me save more fabric for my furry babies as I don't need to make a full dress for me.

For the pooches, I made them something identical, just different in size since Suri is slightly fatter than Lammy. I designed it as simple as possible because I don't want to confuse the tailor cause I had a huge hunch that she had never made dog clothes before. It just needs two pairs of velcro to wear and the result is surprisingly cute and fashionable.

I have to say I enjoy designing my own clothes and also my dogs' clothes. Frankly, this is my favorite top I've ever owned my whole life! No kidding. The satisfaction of finally wearing something I designed for the first time was unsurpassable. I think it will be fun if I can design more clothes later and also learn how to sew in the future. Fingers crossed.

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