22 November 2016

A Magical Wonderland at Singapore Garden Festival 2016

I visited Gardens by the Bay to see Singapore Garden Festival 2016 (SGF 2016) in the last day of the festival which was last July (I know, it's like half year ago! Haha). It was my 3rd time visited Gardens by the Bay and it was still an amazing trip, especially because this time was a bit different. When first we got the SGF 2016 tickets, I really had no expectation about the festival because everything in Gardens by the Bay itself is already so beautiful.

We began the journey by seeing this, right in front of the entrance. If you realized, I always like to take picture of maps! However, it was cloudy and about to rain at the time of my visit and I couldn't get the best shot of this map since there were so many people crowding outside the entrance and I had to start queueing to enter the festival.

After entering the entrance gate, Worlds of Terrarium was the first stop. As someone who likes to see terrarium, it was really wonderful! Unfortunately, I didn't spend a lot of time there because the crowds were so crazy and I didn't like to throng around a bunch of people.

These are some of the highlight exhibitions of SGF 2016. Everything looks beautiful and amazing! I really admire the designer's hard work. One of my favorite artwork was named Cocoon (two last photos).

This festival was surely a magical wonderland. It was not solely just showing you flowers or plants, but also a place to tell a story. I like this wonderful area called Secret Garden. There are a bunch of small details there that excited me and made me wish that I was Alice.

The dome didn't have any significant change except for adding a corner for orchid show. It was crowded and I wasn't in the mood of squeezing so I didn't go near the orchid show. However, I can still capture the view from up there. I could tell that most visitors looked very enthusiast about the orchid show.

Overall, I really like this festival. It was beautiful and amazing! I am looking forward to visit SGF 2017 next year.

Singapore Garden Festival 2016

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
23-31 July 2016

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  1. I visited gardens by the bay last year. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing!