20 December 2016

Jeju Christmas Trip 2016 Travel Journal part 1: Preparation

I have been working on this sketchbook for the past couple days and I'm very excited that it's finally tomorrow! Yes, I will travel to Jeju for 6 days starting tomorrow, and that being said, I'm going to celebrate Christmas day there as well. Yay! This is going to be my first winter trip and as someone who easily gets cold, I am a bit nervous. Haha. Therefore, I have been preparing a lot for this trip and it came to my mind to start a travel journal to record the memories.

This is how my desk looks like right now. When I draw, I like to fill up the environment with the appropriate decorations to keep me inspired. Like putting that mini Christmas tree I bought from Daiso and lit it up with that twinkle lights I bought from Typo. I also put a Hello Kitty plushie wearing Korean outfit that I got from KL as a souvenir from his South Korea trip earlier this year. For the artwork itself, I use 0.2 pigment ink pen for outlining and Faber-Castle watercolor pencil for coloring.

Making this travel journal helps me know better about my destination before I really go there. I had a good time learning about Jeju with my iPad. While I made a profile about Jeju, I found 3 interesting attraction spots that make me want to pay a visit: Teddy Bear Museum, Loveland, and Hallasan National Park.

For this trip, I am going to be hotel-hopping. So, instead of staying in the same hotel for 6 days straight, I will be switching hotels every single night in order to maximize my experience to explore Jeju. These are the hotels that I'm going to be staying in. If you realize, the hotels are spread out in many different areas. That was the plan!

These are some local brands that I want to visit when I'm in Jeju. Most of these are beauty and makeup related products because that is what South Korea is famous for. Besides that, I am also excited to check out Artbox store. I heard Artbox there is way cheaper than in Singapore so this is a great opportunity to hunt cute stationery there.

Anyway, that's not all but I guess I will just split it into several different posts just so this post won't be too long. I will schedule the next post and most probably it will be posted while I'm already in Jeju so I'll still have new content while I'm away.

Read part 2 here.

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