01 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

“New year, new me!” ~Everyone. Well, almost.

Here it comes that time of the year again when everybody throws away their old calendar and flips a brand new page. Today maybe just another Sunday, but it gives most people a sense of new vibe and spirit to begin their day. Well, I think we can all just admit that New Year is the right time to refresh everything and start again to focus on one thing: TO BE BETTER.

I think it's such an amazing feeling when you know you can have an opportunity to renew your life and start with a clean slate. New Year day is the perfect time to become a brand new person and start accomplishing goals. People often make New Year’s resolutions as an attempt to improve themselves as a person and to get closer to the kind of life they want to live in.

For me, personally, I don't really set resolutions anymore because it just won't work. During these past years, I've learnt that I am, and always have been, that kind of person who says the diet starts tomorrow. So now, instead of listing down my resolutions and end up with disappointment from broken empty promises, I take the moment to just relax and reflect on my life.

I start the first day of 2017 by travelling back to Indonesia, so it was a pretty rushy day to start with. During my flight, which was the only time I do almost nothing but sitting, I think about a lot of things. I am thinking about what I have done and accomplished in 2016. I am thinking about how everything just happened. It's crazy how time just passed by so fast!

Looking at the endless clouds after clouds in the sky, I realize how big the world is and how small I am as a person. To be able to sit down in the plane with my man besides me, I feel lucky. In fact, I am very grateful for my life. I am very grateful for every opportunity and challenges I have had. I am thinking to myself, if it’s one thing I can do for this year, should be that on the last day of 2017, I can say the same thing: that I am grateful. And maybe, uh, it’s to be a little something greater than I already am.

So 2017, let's do this!