22 January 2017

Unexpected Mini Trip to Shanghai

I know that sometimes air travels can be very stressful, especially long distance flights that require connecting flights and transits. Any of these unwanted situations could happen: unforeseen long delays, cancellation, missing flight, mishandled baggage... just to name a few. Well, in my recent Christmas trip, I almost had them all in one go!

Ideally, KL and I were supposed to fly to Jeju via Shanghai for couple of hours layover while waiting to change planes. Unfortunately, a terribly long delay happened in our first flight from Singapore to Shanghai which trapped us in Singapore Changi Airport for more than 9 hours. It caused us had to spend a night sleeping in the waiting room instead of plane. That night I was very tired and I dozed off inside of the airport's waiting room, literally sleeping on the couch, with a backpack as my pillow—an encounter I've never imagined I would involved. However, it wasn't a pleasant experience at all.

Our first flight was scheduled to leave at around 12am in the midnight. Everything went smooth at first, we even boarded the aircraft earlier than expected, just to enjoy some seating for airline safety instructions and treats. We had been waiting for about an hour before they announced that one heedless passenger suddenly decided to cancel his/her trip and they had to take his/her luggage out of the plane. We already couldn't fly on time and yet another annoying news reported: the flight missed its reservation with the air traffic navigator and can only fly again in the morning due to bad weather in Shanghai. So then passengers were told to wait in the waiting room until around 9am in the morning. But heck, we eventually departed at 10.30am, which by any means, we missed our second flight to Jeju that was scheduled at 10am.

Sad to say, the drama didn't stop there. This trip almost made us lost our luggage as well because of the missing transfers—thank God it didn't happen. When we arrived in Shanghai Pudong Airport at around 2.30pm, we couldn't catch any same-day flight to Jeju since the latest available flight was going to board at 3pm. I felt beyond upset once I knew that we had to waste a night again. The worst part was because we've already booked Teddy Valley Hotel, the one and only hotel I was looking forward to during Jeju trip, for that night. Running into an unexpected adventure was very taxing on the head, indeed.

At last, we managed to hook up with free hotel provided by the airline after endless hours spent on arguing with the staffs and looking for our neglected luggage—ours were literally lying around the floor among many others. It was around 8pm when we finally settled our things into the hotel room and showered (phew!). We then thought it was extremely necessary to treat ourselves a bit and plan for a mini trip around Shanghai that night.

Our first stop was City God Temple of Shanghai or Chenghuang Temple, a folk temple located in the old city of Shanghai. As a beautiful tourist destination, this place is popular with its scenic view and shopping area. From there, I bought some souvenirs like magnets, key-chains, snow globe, t-shirt (for my Papa!), and postcards.

Chenghuang Temple is also famous with its culinary tour which offers a variety of delicious local foods. There are many coffee shops, restaurants, and food stalls lined up there; from Starbucks to seafood restaurant to street snacks.

It was one cold and windy night with a little rain, but it didn't stop our hungry tummies from doing what they needed to do: digest some foods! Street snacks are the best. I tried some local snacks that include some oily fried corn, smelly tofu, chicken pop, and 50cm-long satay. True, I'm very bad at remembering food names, so... nom-nom-nom.

After some foods in Chenghuang Temple, we went for a little shopping at Nanjing Road. According to Wikipedia (lol), Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai and is one of the world's busiest shopping streets. It was crowded even at rainy night! This flourishing commercial street has everything you would expect from a shopping district: fashion, make-up, movies, foods, etc.

Nanjing Road is a vibrant and fascinating area with its colorful neon lights. I was planning to buy some extra winter clothes there but all of my designated stops were already closed. I ended up buying a pair of winter gloves from H&M because I forgot to bring mine and my hands were freezing horribly. Oh, we also packed one last meal to hotel and it was classic: McDonald's. Don't judge me!

Our last destination was Huangpu River, the mother river of Shanghai. Huangpu River is an icon and epitome of Shanghai because it offers a collection of the best city landscape of Shanghai across the river. The weather got windier by night and huge river seemed to be a bad idea to visit during strong wind. However, I still enjoyed this last stop because this place, by far, was the most wonderful scenery in Shanghai. I took this one last picture from our mini trip and swear to myself that someday, somehow, I will visit this place one more time. Not by dint of missing flights again, of course, hopefully.

Check out my travel vlog below:


  • City God Temple of Shanghai (Chenghuang Temple)
    Renmin Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200010
  • Nanjing Road
    Nanjing Rd Pedestrian St, NanJing Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
  • Huangpu River


  1. I couldn't imagined being trapped in the airport for such period! Nice pictures btw.

  2. Travel delays are the worst! But still it was beautiful scenery! I always wanted to visit Shanghai.

    1. True! And yes you must visit, it's a nice city :)