06 February 2017

Jeju Christmas Trip 2016 Day 5: Final Day in Jeju

After the total of five days spent travelling in Shanghai and Jeju, it was finally time to go home. Since we booked an evening flight, we managed to spend the tag end of our last day shopping in LOTTE Mart and E-MART.

Monday, 26 December 2016

The rain was pouring down calmly and steady in the morning we woke up. And even though our room was warm enough, I could hear the sound of the strong winds hitting our window. Somehow I could even feel a little breeze of the cool air infiltrated through the window's gap.

We woke up pretty late at around 8:30am because we knew we didn't need to rush since we didn't have any real plan for that day. I even took some time sitting by the window, just watching the wet buildings and cars passing by the street. Those things made me feel relaxed. I could spend all days doing nothing but looking at this kind of view. But I had to go home anyway, so after shower, I started off by packing our stuff and all of the things we just bought in Jeju to fit into our bags.

I kept my camera in my bags all the time because it kept raining endlessly so I didn't take many photographs for this last day. We went to LOTTE Mart and E-MART to sight-see and buy some items that we may need but we haven't buy. We reached LOTTE Mart at around 11am. LOTTE Mart is a large discount retail store that has 8-floor store. It sells many products from household goods, toys, stationery, apparel, and groceries. They also have brands like Toys"R"Us, UNIQLO, and even Daiso.

We also ate lunch in a steak and buffet restaurant called Ashley inside LOTTE Mart. The steak was unique, but tasted so-so. This restaurant was crowded with many customers. When we finished our meals, I even saw many people queuing outside the restaurant. Maybe because the price was worth it for buffet meal. I didn't really remember how much we had spent there, though.

After LOTTE Mart, we headed to E-MART. The E-MART that we went on that day was a different E-MART from our first day. This E-MART is located in Jeju-si instead of Seogwipo-si. Both of them sell the same things. However, the Jeju-si E-MART is bigger that the Seogwipo-si.

In E-MART, I also found a spectacle shop called Monoqle Eyewear and managed to order a customized spectacle there as well. I really like the round design and this purchase was pretty useful too since I can wear them instead of contact lens on daily basis. And yes, fyi,I have a terrible eyesight and I'm not proud of it.

We eventually headed to the airport at around 4pm. It was a long hours waiting before we finally departed. There was not much we could do in Jeju International Airport. We just spent time in one of the cafe drinking latte and tea. We flied back to Singapore via Shanghai (again). We reached Shanghai at around 9pm and had dinner in the airport. Our flight went smooth and without any delay this time.

I slept throughout our flight from Shanghai to Singapore. It felt like I only slept for one hour or so when I woke up and the plane was already landed in Changi Airport. It was around 4am on the next day when we finally reached Singapore. We had our early breakfast at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden restaurant in Changi Aiport Terminal 3.

And my Christmas trip in Jeju officially ended. It was one amazing, extraordinary holiday, with all of the surprises and all of those new things I just experienced.

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Check out my travel vlog below:


  • LOTTE Mart - Jeju Branch
    1, Yeonbuk-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • E-MART - Jeju Branch
    38, Tapdong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

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