18 May 2017

10 Types of People You will Find on the MRT

There are many people riding the Singapore MRT everyday. After almost a year living in Singapore, I meet many different types of people every time I step through the sliding doors. These are 10 types of people that I regularly find while riding the MRT.

1. The Rebel

Even though the train makes it clear with lots of 'No Eating and Drinking’ stickers and notice boards, somehow, these people just don't feel the need to follow.

2. The Seat Hunter

These opportunist just can't waste an empty seat. Even in a crowded train, they will turn on their radar across the carriage to be on the watch for one.

3. The DJ

These are the people who love their music so much that they can blast their ear with beat and sometimes even with their headphone on, you still can hear the beat pretty clearly.

4. The Sleepyhead

These people can doze off easily and sometimes even end up on their neighbor's shoulder while they're still dreaming.

5. The Bookworm

They really need to finish the next chapter. Do not try to talk to them. Chances are, they don't even know you are there.

6. The Dare Devil

The blinking red is a sign of challenge for them. A closing gate is the obstacle they need to overcome. YOLO.

7. The Gadget Holic

Gaming, reading, watching drama, Facebook, etc. etc. Let's admit it, we are one of them.

8. The Pole Dancer

This often happened in quiet MRT and mostly done by kids. We all know they love to have fun and the train pole is one of their favorite. They can spend the whole ride spinning in one.

9. The PDA Couple

These are the couple who really can’t wait to get home.

10. The Make-up Artist

They are very skillful at applying make-up even in a shaky ride. They know they have to look their best!

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