06 June 2017

20 Easy Ways to Draw Leaves

Since I came back from my visit in Singapore Botanic Gardens, I couldn't stop doodling botanical theme and so I decided to make a quick and simple doodle tutorial video on YouTube about 20 easy ways to draw leaves.

There are undoubtedly so many ways to draw leaves since there are a lot them. Leaves come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are all unique and interesting.

In this doodles I am using three main color: green, brown, and yellow. I use pencil colors and markers with three shades for each colors. Markers produces bold and bright colors so it's good to use it for outlines. Pencil colors can do a great job in filling the shapes of leaves because I can control the thickness of the colors depending on the pressure.

I really enjoyed doodling leaves and experimenting with shapes and colors. There's no right or wrong when you're doodling as long as you're having fun.
I hope you enjoy ♥

+ Carolynn +

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