04 June 2017

Trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens

I visited Singapore Botanic Gardens this weekend and decided to draw there. It's not perfect but it was fun and I had a great time spending with nature.

It's been a while since I draw manually again since I touched Wacom. I feel nervous at first, but it felt great to be able to play on the paper again. I knew I do a little traditional drawing on my Doodle Book project, but it's still feel different from that. It's actually quite relaxing to draw people and scenery directly from the real object that is not just a photograph.

These are the markers that I use to color the drawings. I also use watercolor pencil and the transparent Tombow Art Brush to blend the pencil.

This is the Bandstand, an octagonal white gazebo that is the icon of Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was my first time seeing the Bandstand since I didn't manage to reach there in my first visit three years ago, long before I settled in Singapore.

I like to spend a day in the garden, it makes me feel relax and at peace. Drawing outside is something new for me but now I know I really enjoy it. I'm going to spend more time drawing outside in the future.

+ Carolynn +

Singapore Botanic Gardens

1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

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