01 July 2017

Animate My Drawing - Hair Blowing in the Wind

If there's one thing that I'm obsessed the most lately is to make my drawings alive and moving!

So this is a simple video showing how I animate my drawing. There's a bunch of methods in making an animation but here I'm using a basic frame by frame method to get my drawing moving. Let's see the result:

This animation consists of:
  • static layer (for the part that is not moving, i.e. everything except the hair and the eyes)
  • 5 layers of hairs (blowing in the wind movement)
  • 3 layers of eyes (open to close movement)

I made the total of 16 pictures using the combination of hair and eyes movement. The tools I use in this tutorial include Photoshop and a free online GIF maker to create the animation. I also use GIF to video converter to get the video format that I can use to upload on Instagram. If you fancy, you can use software like Flash or even Photoshop itself to make the animation, but I personally think using free online GIF maker is easy and fast, especially if the animation is simple, like mine.

It's hard to believe that it's actually pretty easy to make this animation yet the result is very satisfying. I can't wait to make more of my drawings alive!

+ Carolynn +

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