18 September 2017

A Pair of Matching Phone Wallpapers

A few days ago when I was strolling along Facebook, I came across a post of a collection of matching phone wallpapers that couple use on each other smartphone. If you don't get what I mean, it's basically a picture of a couple doing couple thing (holding hand, kissing, hugging, etc.) displayed on two different screens to make a matching picture when being put side by side. It is sweet and so lovely, but my husband and I almost never set our picture as phone wallpaper because either of these two following reasons or both: 1. We are awkward on camera, 2. We feel insecure of what other people will think if they see our phone with our face as the wallpaper.

So I came up with an idea of drawing something instead. The illustration above is the image that we use, I set the left side as my phone wallpaper and my husband sets the right side. I like how it turned out great, except the fact that the clock is a little bit distracted on my screen. I had been warned by my husband about this composition mistake ever since I started to draw, but who cares, right? Anything for an artsy result. And oh, it wasn't a mistake, by the way.

However, if you are planning to do similar thing, the rule is simple. First, get the resolution of your phone screen and multiply it by two on the shorter side. And then, draw or design something that you both fancy to put as each other wallpaper but keep in mind that the image will be split so avoid putting anything important on the center. And that's it. This works best if you have the exact same phone or at least the same screen size.

+ Carolynn +