25 September 2017

Review: Illustration School: Let's Draw a Story

Let's Draw a Story is a cute and fun activity book that helps readers to create their own heartfelt story. This book is part of the Illustration School series created by one of Japan’s most popular artist Sachiko Umoto. And by the way, I'm a fan of her sweet and adorable drawing.

I bought this book from Book Depository, one of my favorite online bookstore. I bought it at SGD 15.37 after a discount of 28% with no shipping fee (one of the reason why I love buying from Book Depository).

Though this books is more suitable for kids or beginners, but I believe grownup like me can still enjoy it, especially if you are into illustration. The directions are simple and easy to follow along and each sentence is infused with sweetness and is very delightful. This book is simply elegant and absolutely lovely!

The title is no exaggeration, it will engage you to draw a story and hone your imagination through every page. This book contains a total of 29 scenes from a serialized story that readers can color and improvise to their own liking. It provides basic guides like tools to use for drawing a story and step by step of drawing, but it's really just the basics of the basics. I believe you can find some of these guides in other series as well.

When I bought this book, I was hoping to see more of insightful tips and advices on creating my own storybook, but it seemed like I was just hoping too much. But this doesn't mean I regretted buying it. This book worths every penny and in fact, I am planning to buy all series of Sachiko Umoto's Illustration School book for my collection.

+ Carolynn +

Illustration School: Let's Draw a Story

by Sachiko Umoto

Rate: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

Conclusion: I recommend this book to anyone who loves drawing because it is easy and simple yet very inspiring and not to mention, cute.

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