11 October 2017

Animals Portrait

This is a self-initiated project where I illustrated a varied range of animals in the wild. I tried to portray the animals as true as possible to their original form and habitat while at the same time giving them character and personality.

So, the story goes like this.

I was so messed up and confused about how badly I wanted to change my illustration style several months ago as I mentioned on this post. I started off drawing and sketching a bunch of different kinds of animal and execute it in some different ways. My intention was to create as many animals as possible and study them. And so this series happened.

I drew many different kinds of animals from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and even insects! It built up to nearly 100+ illustrations and I called this series ANIMALS PORTRAIT because, duh, I draw portraits of animals. But what you see here are just a few from what I have made for this project. I keep some private because I intend to do something else with it.

This is my largest portraits collection I've ever done! I'm looking forward to creating more of similar series like this, e.g. CHILDREN PORTRAIT, FLOWERS PORTRAIT, PETS PORTRAIT, CITIES PORTRAIT, etc. I think it will be fun and interesting. Let's just hope I can find some time for that! *crossedfingers*

+ Carolynn +

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