03 October 2017

First Day at Work Greeting Card

This week I made a special illustration for my husband. He's starting a new job earlier this month and so I thought it will be nice to give him something to congratulate him. I started by randomly scribbling on my Wacom tablet and voila!

Just kidding. It took me three days to complete this illustration since I did it by snatching some time in my spare time during the day when he wasn't around. It felt odd that I hid this drawing from him for days. I usually will show whatever I had drawn to him just to hear some thoughts and opinions. It's always good to have some other pair of eyes to catch on little details that I failed to see in the first glance. You know, like when I forgot to draw the other part of the eyebrow of a character in the drawing (yes, it did happen).

Anyway, my plan went smooth after all. First, I printed the illustration on a piece of 5x7 inches cardstock paper and I wrote some nice and sweet personal saying on the back of it. And then I put it in the envelope and slipped it into his notebook and just be quiet for the rest of the day. He announced in a delighted text message as he had found it out by surprise and the card remains as a token of good fortune now.

+ Carolynn +


  1. Carolyn i like your drawing you are good

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