07 October 2017

Lullaby Baby Shop

In this project, I made a series of illustrated elements as a brand identity for a local baby shop called Lullaby. The brief is to create illustrations that's appealing to young children using vibrant color palette like pink, yellow and blue.

This is the fastest project I've completed by far. It only took about a month from briefing to delivery since there wasn't a lot of revision on this project. I am fortunate enough to have the client that gave me so much freedom to explore and create the illustrations almost as I pleased. And because the illustrations are meant for baby and young children, the execution is rather simple by using colors from the color palette carefully.

Besides a set of spot illustrations, I also made the logo. The client wants to adapt the shop name as the logo with the idea of a cute baby sleeping on the moon.

The shop hasn't open yet, but I'm very excited to share it here. The illustrations are going to be printed as the wallpaper and the wrapping paper to be used in the shop. I can't wait to see how it comes out!

+ Carolynn +