08 November 2017

Painting by the Sea

One morning, my husband and I went for a quick beach trip at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. My schedule was loose that week but yet I still felt a bit overwhelmed with tons of non work-related stuff I need to deal with. A trip to the beach was a great escape from that hustle.

I packed picnic mat along with sketchbook and some art supplies. My intention was to spend time outside, forget about the stress for a while and paint. Painting by the sea was something I haven't done for a long time. I remember went to the beach with sketchbook and pencil more than a decade ago. It felt great to do it again.

The sun rose gently that morning and the breezy wind added the overall harmony. As we arrived at the beach quite early, the experience was perfect. There was only the sound of ocean waves and some bird chirping. It was peaceful and calm, just beautiful.

+ Carolynn +

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