01 January 2018

A Letter to 2018

I made this a few days before I fly to Japan and by the time it’s posted, it should be by the time I leave Japan or I’m in my flight back to Singapore, which means it’s the first of January, the first day of the year. So welcome January. And 2018, I have a letter for you...


Wow, I’m so glad to meet you. And hey, you look familiar! You just look like someone I’ve been living with for the past 26 years. But I know you are different, aren’t you?
It’s weird that we haven’t met before, yet I already know about you so much. Well, it’s 2018 and we’re all scheming about what our New Year’s Resolutions will be, or what they will be about. But here I am...

I just thought maybe we can do something a little bit different. Like, I don’t want to put my resolutions on you or hoping you could be nice to me and give me the best out of everything. I know you are clearly not responsible of what will happen, you’re just a year and life will just be life.

But, here’s the thing.

Every time this time of the year comes when new year is just around the corner, I always feel like I just reached a crossroad. One road could be one thing and the other road could be other thing. It’s scary sometimes knowing that I don’t know where the road will lead me to. It could be smooth or bumpy, it could be full of flowers along the way or pebbles. I could meet beautiful new faces or some ugly terrible monsters. And that’s not scariest thing. What scares me is that once I stepped onto this road, there’s no turning back.

In actuality though, this is the road that happens continuously and it doesn’t have a real definitive start or stop date. It just rolls. Happens. Just like that.

But, if I can be honest, it’s still pretty exciting to start a new year and just like meeting a new friend, I’m nervous but also excited to see you.
You see, I already have a plan for us actually. It just fills my heart with hope and promise whenever I think of it. But then again, even best friends have disagreement sometimes, right? so I wonder what you have instore for me.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, let’s just be a good friend and live together. I’ll be nice to you and accept you in whatever you are bringing. I’ll be myself and you’ll just be yours. Let’s just create memories and living in every moment. Because, by the end of the day, we both know you won’t be here forever. Just like what the other year did, 2018 you too will eventually pass.

+ Carolynn +

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