Hello, my name is Carolynn. I'm an illustrator and I love to draw cute and childlike illustration. I was born and raised in a small and sunny town in Indonesia but now I live in Singapore.

Drawing is my hobby and my work. When I'm not working, I spend my spare time doodling, decorating, reading books, writing snail mail, and thinking about the universe. I enjoy making things with my hands, doing DIY projects and crafts out of smallest things I can find at home. I also love to travel and learn something new. Oh and sometimes I also like to dress up and make my own Lookbook post.

I am a huge dog lover and I also have two dogs, Suri and Lammy, that I love so much. But currently, both of them are still staying in Indonesia with my family until I can afford to move them to Singapore. My family loves dogs too and Suri and Lammy are part of them.

This blog is created as my personal journal and source of inspiration.


Portfolio & Project:
#CYBOX - Stationery & Snail Mail Subscription Service

Etsy - prints, personalized, printable, etc.

Social Media:
Instagram - daily shoot
Twitter - my thoughts
Tumblr - Doodle Book
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Youtube - DIY & vlogs

Snail Mail Addiction:
Mailbox Obsession